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Ajite Nutsche Filter Dryer anba ki background te devlope

Tan: 2022-03-16 Hits: 34

Nowadays, in the production process of industries such as dyes, pigments and pharmaceuticals, there are often operations such as filtration, washing and drying, and these operations are usually operated by devices such as filters, washing tanks and desiccants.  However, if so many unit equipment form a system, it will inevitably appear that the process is long, the efficiency is low and it is difficult to adjust.  In order to overcome the above problems, At the same time, it is also satisfied with the transformation of the chemical industry to high quality, high added value, multiple varieties and small batch.  The three in one of filtration, washing and drying came into being.

The working principle and product advantages of ANFD: the upper part of the container is equipped with up and down moving and rotary mixing wings with special shapes. At the starting position, the stirring wing rotates up and down for stirring to carry out the feeding reaction mother liquor separation process. The bottom of the container is designed as a horizontal filter plate. At this position, it is filtered by pressurization or vacuum. After the filtration is finished, the spray head is added to the cleaning liquid. After the cleaning solution is added, the cleaning time is shortened and the cleaning effect is increased. In order to save the cleaning solution, the mixing wing must be operated to lower the mixing filter cake, and the surface of the filter cake is cut into pieces and cleaned. In the filtration process, dehydration is carried out after vacuum pressurization. There are two general drying methods: one is to reduce pressure in the container and then inject warm water or steam into the jacket for heat transfer drying. The other is to send the hot air to the container for drying from the air or emotional gas injection port on the upper part of the machine under vacuum. In order to accelerate the drying process, swing the equipment. After drying, open the outlet of the filter cake. When the agitator rotates in the opposite direction, the dry products are discharged from the machine by the agitator paddle.

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